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TMD is an electronics development company and as such, all of the following products are available for OEM or customised versions to suit specific requirements. Also, please Contact TMD if there are any other products you would like developed. We have been in business over 15 years and our experience and confidentiality is assured.

Electrical Wireless Wallswitch with Integrated Timer

110VAC/220VAC radio controllable wall switch with integrated programmable timer.

Electrical Timer

110VAC/220VAC programmable timer.

Wireless Transmitters (433MHz) 

A series of transmitters operating in the 433MHz band. Available as either standard products as shown, or variants will be designed to suit customers requirements.

Wireless Receivers (433MHz) 

A series of receivers operating in 433MHz band. Available as either standard products as shown, or receivers will be designed (including software) to suit customers requirements.

Differential GPS (DGPS) Receiver and DSP Radio Modem

Differential GPS (DGPS) beacon receiver for decoding 300bps RTCM104 GPS correction signals. Radio receiver is based on low-cost Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip from Texas Instruments. Available either as board-level product or by negotiation for OEM customers.

Livewire Tourist Radio System

The Livewire Tourist Radio System allows tourists to move freely around any attraction, concentrating on areas of particular interest, without missing one moment of the commentary. Ideal for guided attractions, factory tours, boat tours, excursions etc requiring one-to-many communication.  

Livewire Infra-Red Communication System

The Livewire Infra-Red Tourist Radio System allows transmission of audio commentaries to tourists in a segmented, confined region. For example, observation decks in buildings and towers.    

Livewire Battery Load Tester 

Easy-to-use, hand-held instrument for technicians to test 12V batteries in the field. Places 2.3A load on the battery for 15 seconds and measures terminal voltage. If voltage falls below preset threshold, test fails.

Blaupunkt Car Audio Interfaces

A range of interfaces to enable Blaupunkt car stereos to work with various vehicle steering wheel controls. Also, an interface  is available to allow the Audi Concert stereo to work with the Blaupunkt A08 10 disk CD changer.

Power Supply Board (2 Amp)

12VDC regulated power supply for security applications. Incorporates dual fused outputs, separate battery charging circuit and AC mains fail detection.

Relay Boards

Single pole and dual pole relay termination boards for security applications.

Multifunction Timer Board

Multifunction timer board with AND/OR functions and timed outputs. Programmable between 1 second and 45 minutes. 



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