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Infra-Red Communication System

This system is designed for transmission of up to 6 channels of audio by way of infra-red transmission from pre-installed heads. It is ideal for disseminating commentaries in multiple languages within a segmented environment to many (e.g., hundreds) of simultaneous users. 

The advantages are:

Receivers are robust yet low cost as audio is not stored in them.
Audio is stored and broadcast centrally for ease of management. Change it in one place and the change immediately occurs at all receivers.
Infra-red doesn't suffer from interference in high-noise environments.
Well suited to segmented applications requiring different commentaries in different regions. For example, public viewing platforms within towers or buildings.
Audio source can be solid state, CD, tape, microphone etc.
No limit on receiver numbers.

TRS-IR2: Infra-Red Scanning Receiver. Hand-held receiver with high-impact case (transparent to IR light). Simplicity is inherent in the receiver design - it has only one button which scans all available channels. The user pushes the button until they find the desired channel. The unit automatically turns off after a preset period of inactivity. Battery life is typically 2 months with 4-6 hours per day continuous use and batteries may be either alkaline or rechargeable (NiMH or NiCd). Front panels are polycarbonate with provision for customers logo.

Dimensions: 65(w) x 120(h) x 22(h)

TRS-IHR: Infra-Red Transmission Head for simultaneous broadcast of 6 channels audio. Supplied complete with universal ceiling/wall mount.

Dimensions: 105(w) x 104(h) x 108(d)

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