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Wireless Receivers

A full range of 433.92MHz general-purpose receivers are available. These devices are all based on high performance FM (Frequency Modulation) data transmission and utilise Keeloq (TM) rolling code technology for high data integrity (4.2 billion codes). They are compatible with all previously illustrated transmitters.

Note that customised versions (both hardware and/or software) of these receivers are available to volume customers.

M530P Multi-purpose receiver. 

Two channel rolling code receiver with dual open collector transistor outputs.  Features include: screw terminal connectors, test button, LED indicator for transmitter learning and diagnostics, wide supply voltage range (9-40VDC or 9-28VAC), momentary/toggle modes jumper selectable, maximum switched load 300mA at 40VDC, standby current 30mA. Learns up to 20 Keeloq transmitters. For relay outputs, use either CA-RLSP-P or CA-RLDP-P relay boards. Dimensions: 44 x 90 x 17h (PCB) or 60 x 130 x 18h (in case).

M530 Multi-purpose plug-in receiver. 

As for M530P but with standard 0.156 KK 6-way square pin connector (compatible with Molex part 26-11-6064 used on Elsema (TM) receivers). 

M532A Single channel receiver, relay output. 

Specifications as for M530P but with single channel SPNO relay output. Capable of switching loads of 1A @ 30VDC. Standby current 30mA, max current 90mA.

Dimensions: 45 x 135 x 23h.

M532P Single channel receiver, 230VAC relay output. 

Specifications as for M532A but SPNO relay capable of switching 8A, 230VAC resistive loads.

M001 External antenna.

For use with all receivers - includes mounting bracket, 600mm low-loss cable terminated with MCX connector for receiver.

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