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Electrical Wireless Wallswitch with Integrated Timer

This product is an electrical product which contains both a sophisticated timer and a UHF radio receiver. It is designed to switch mains-rated circuits (e.g., lighting) using our Wireless Transmitters (433MHz). It controls loads up to 10A (resistive) at 110VAC/230VAC with state of the art design ensuring excellent operating range. 

The unit can be used to replace an existing 110VAC/220VAC light switch flushplate and it has a single soft on-off button which can be programmed to operate a mains-rated load.

Features include:

Operates on 433MHz radio band.
Learns 6 Keeloq rolling code transmitters.
Output activated by either transmitter or pushbutton on flushplate.
Timer range: 01 secs to 99 secs, 01 mins to 99 mins, 01 hours to 99 hours. User programmable.
Comprehensive output modes: toggle, turn off, restart, hold.
Cycle mode available for periodic cycle applications (e.g., urinals).
Timing accuracy: typically 1% or better.
Remote input for dual location switching.
Internal watchdog for reliable operation.

Note that OEM versions of this product will be developed to suit customer requirements (e.g., different plastic, boxed mount etc). Ask about distribution rights for your country. 


Shown fully assembled with flushplate front panel and soft 'operate' button. The combined timer/radio receiver simply replaces existing light switches, with all wiring from the rear. The load is controlled either by the 'operate' button, or any of the programmed wireless remotes. No antenna is required.

Front plate removed to expose programming instructions and recessed programming button.

Internal printed circuit board showing compact surface-mount UHF radio receiver on right-hand side.

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