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Battery Load Tester (BLT-12V)

The BLT-12V is designed to test 12V gel cell or lead acid batteries. The device applies a load of 2.3A to the battery for a period of 15 seconds. If, anytime during the test, the battery voltage falls below a preset threshold (11.5V), the battery fails the test and should be replaced. If it remains above the threshold, it is deemed to have passed the test. There are 2 LED's on the unit - one to indicate the test is in progress and a bicolour red/green LED to indicate pass/fail.

BLT-12V Battery Load Tester. 

Shown being used to test a 12V 1.2Ahr gel cell. The device is very useful for technicians and service personnel who need to determine the health of a battery at a customers site or on the bench. As shown, the test is in progress. On completion, the 'Testing' LED will go out and the 'OK/Fail' LED will be green if the battery is OK and red if it has failed.

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