TMD Consultants 
Technology Marketing and Development Consulting Ltd
Auckland, New Zealand

Designers of very clever electronics

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TMD Consultants operate a commercial electronics Research and Development (R&D) facility which is active in the design and development of a wide range of high technology electronic products. TMD has been in business since 1986 and operates from Birkenhead in Auckland, New Zealand.

Expertise is available in most aspects of electronics development, with a particular emphasis on radio (RF) technology and embedded systems (microprocessor based systems and firmware). 

At TMD, we are flexible as to how we operate with clients, with common commercial arrangements including:

Contract development work.

Contract assembly and manufacturing.

Design and supply of product.

Partnering and Joint Ventures.

Most contract work is done to fixed price quotations and we would welcome enquiries regarding your project.

For further information, please Contact TMD.